• Air Bubble Sheet

    Supplier: AV Packaging

    Our manufacturing expertise lies in the making of Air Bubble Roll. Bubble wrap is made from polyethylene and is commonly used for packing delicate things. The bubbles in the material are evenly spaced thus providing firm cushioning on precious and fragile items. These are available in different sizes and are great for wrapping glassware, picture frames, mirrors, electronics, and collectibles.

  • Air Bubble Sheet

    Air bubble sheet is a flexible transparent polythene sheet used for packing delicate or breakable materials. We have an indomitable standing in the manufacturing and supply of high-grade Air Bubble Sheets in Tamilnadu. Made out of LDPE polythene the air bubble sheet we manufacture can be efficiently utilized in the packing industry. It is highly capable to prevent the packaged material from the damage and acts as an excellent protection to products.

  • Air Bubble Sheet

    Manufacturers and Suppliers of Air Bubble Sheet

    At Sangamam Polymers, we provide best quality Air Bubble Sheet, Bags / Pouches as per the specification / requirement provide by our clients. Our Air Bubble Sheets, Bubble Bags and Bubble Pouches are used for packaging delicate and fragile articles to avoid transit and storage breakage.
    These bags have bubble on the outside and are smooth from the inside and can be made in the reverse form by having the bubble inside the pouch as per the requirement. We can also provide Air Bubble tube and cut pieces as per client specification and requirement.
    Preventing the products from being damaged during transportation and handling, our Plastic Bubble Sheets are highly appreciated by our customers.

  • Air Bubble Sheets

    Bubble Sheets are highly appreciated for their attributes like water proof and shock resistant properties. These sheets are considered suitable for packing glossy as well as fragile items. Preventing the products from being damaged during transportation and handling, our plastic bubble sheets are highly appreciated by our customers. We are named as one of the topmost Plastic Bubble Sheets Suppliers from India.