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VCI Poly, flexible plastic wrappers are manufactured by extrusion process using low density polyethylene plastics granules (LDPE) and VCI master batch to achieve corrosion resistance and anti rusting properties. Poly wrappers are also manufactured using High Density Polyethylene (HM/HDPE).

Poly wrappers are most suitable for products of circular configuration, large as well as small cold rolled metal (steel, aluminum et) coils

VCI plastic wrappers provide most cost effective solution for protection from corrosion to both ferrous metals as well as non-ferrous metal products and finished goods for overseas shipment and long term storage. Poly Wrappers are specially useful to pack wire rods, coils, steel wires by hand wrapping and also machine wrapping.

Plastics VCI wrappers with vapor corrosion inhibitor properties provide high level of corrosion and rust protection in addition to excellent moisture barrier properties. Wrappers made out of LDPE, LLDP or HDPE are most suitable for protecting the products made out of metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, silicon steel, galvanized steel.

Coils of steel wire are subject to corrosion during manufacturing process due to presence of sulphuric gases at pickling section.VCI protective poly wrappers are used for protection of coils and other metal goods during work-in-process to achieve corrosion resistance properties.

Advantages of VCI Poly Wrappers and Bags:

  • Corrosion resistance, VCI plastic wrappers provide protection against moisture, dust and contamination.
  • Material packed in anti corrosive PE sheets does not require any other additional packing.
  • Our sheets made out of low density polyethylene are dimensionally stable and can be folded and available in custom sizes thus suitable for all types and all sizes of products to be packed
  • Our anti rust and anti corrosive plastics material manufactured out of LDPE, LLDPE or HDPE is 100% recyclable.
  • VCI Poly Wrappers are Economical compared to VCI Paper Wrappers and any other method used for corrosion protection.
  • VCI Poly Wrappers can withstand environmental abuse which VCI paper cannot.
  • Our poly material is water, oil, grease resistant while paper does not have any of these properties.
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