• VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) Products

    VCI technology has many advantages. It typically does not require the special removal of a coating or greasy rust preventative. This reduces labor time and hazardous waste disposal fees from having to clean off traditional petroleum-based rust preventatives—often with solvent-based cleaners. It also solves the problem of protecting intricate equipment internals (e.g., pipes, boilers, valves, auto components) where it would be difficult if not impossible to apply a coating or liquid rust preventative. VCIs do not require a constant source of electricity as needed for dehumidification systems.

  • VCI Bags and Films

    VCI films and bags provide convenient protection against corrosion damage for metals and the products in warehouses. We specialize in manufacturing and supply of high-quality VCI bags and films in Tamilnadu to meet the evolving needs of the customers. Our products provide enhanced protection for metal parts and surfaces when used in normal storage conditions. The VCI bags comes with different formulations and in different sizes. With the effective corrosion protection and packing, the metals are ready for use and assembly directly out of packing.

  • VCI Bags and Films

    Supplier: SK Packaging

    VCI bags and films are specialized packaging materials designed to protect metal products from corrosion during storage and transportation. VCI bags and films contain a rust inhibitor that releases a corrosion-inhibiting vapor, creating a protective atmosphere around the metal products and preventing rust from forming.

    These VCI Bags and Sheets are commonly used for packaging metal parts, tools, and machinery for the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries.

  • VCI Poly Sheeting

    Supplier: AV Packaging

    VCI Poly, flexible plastic wrappers are manufactured by extrusion process using low density polyethylene plastics granules (LDPE) and VCI master batch to achieve corrosion resistance and anti rusting properties. Poly wrappers are also manufactured using High Density Polyethylene (HM/HDPE).

    Poly wrappers are most suitable for products of circular configuration, large as well as small cold rolled metal (steel, aluminum et) coils

  • VCI Poly Sheeting

    Manufacturers and Suppliers of VCI Poly Sheets and VCI Bags

    Sangamam Polymers offers VCI Poly Sheeting that protects metals from rusting. VCI Sheeting is great for creating your own custom packaging to fit any size parts and can be heat sealed, tied, folded, stapled or taped. It is eco-friendly and recyclable.VCI Poly Sheeting protects & insulates metal surfaces from corrosion-causing contaminants by emitting a vapor that adheres to the surface of the metal and forming a corrosion inhibiting layer. There is no need to clean the part and it is immediately ready for use once it is removed from the VCI Poly Sheeting.