• Biodegradable Waste Bags

    Biodegradable waste bags find its use in your kitchen, office, warehouses, in pantry, hotels, hospitals and in other areas. As the name suggests these bags can be disposed without any issue due to its biodegradable property. Sri Kumaran polypacks manufacture and distribute high quality bio degradable waste bags in Tamilnadu in accordance with the Indian standards. The bags can bear suitable load and can be used for carrying wet waste. The products have the perfect thickness that ensures zero leakage and tensile strength.

  • Garbage Bags

    Supplier: AV Packaging

    AV PACKAGING INDUSTRIES is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality Garbage bags. It generally discovers its application in various industrial, commercial and household segments. These garbage bags are uniquely designed in various colors, sizes and according to the customer requirements. We provide all kinds of weight needs. It is also helpful in limiting the odour. Available in a variety of sizes with a width ranging from 5’’ to 36’’, our garbage bag collection can serve every purpose of our customer’s waste collection requirements. Easily compostable in nature, your waste management also gets the advantage of a sustainable solution to protect your environment. Some of the best areas of application includes- kitchen, washroom, restaurants, beauty parlor, manufacturing industries etc. The supreme intrinsic strength and durability of these garbage bags are tested and approved.

  • Garbage Bags

    Garbage bags are disposable bags used to include solid waste. We manufacture and supply garbage bags in Coimbatore made out of high quality polythene films. Our range of garbage bags can be used for daily basis at homes, hotels, hospitals, showrooms, and offices for the proper waste disposal. Made from the finest material the bags we produce can withstand weight. Our efficiency lies in offering our customers high quality bags that are durable and solid.

  • Garbage Bags

    Manufacturers and Suppliers of Garbage Bags, Waste Disposal Bags

    Sangamam Polymers offers a wide range of quality Garbage Bags that widely finds its application in various industrial, Commercial and house hold sectors. These Garbage Bags, Waste Disposal Bags can be custom made in different colors, sizes and all kind of weight needs as per the client requirement. One of the main feature include odor resistance.

  • Garbage Bags

    Flat Garbage Bags, Medical Trash Bags, Office Dustbin Bags, Aromatic Scented Garbage Bags, Multi Colored Garbage Bags. Medical Waste Incinerator Bags.

  • Medical Waste Bags

    Medical waste bags are specifically made to contain medical waste. We have a reliable history in manufacturing and supplying high-grade medical waste bags in Tamilnadu. These are specifically designed for medical waste complying to the medical rules and guidelines. These waste bags can be availed in various standards categorized by different colors to ensure proper uses and handling of medical waste. These bags comes with bio hazard symbol or medical waste symbol on it.