• Black Forest Fresh Cream Cake

    The Black Forest Fresh Cream Cake is a classic choice for celebrations and special occasions. Its combination of rich chocolate, creamy fresh cream, and tart cherries creates a harmonious and indulgent dessert that will impress and delight all who taste it.

    The Black Forest  Cream Cake is a decadent and indulgent dessert that combines layers of rich chocolate cake, luscious fresh cream, and tart cherries. This cake is a classic favorite, known for its irresistible combination of flavors and textures.

    Quantity & Price :
    ½ kg Rs. 500
    1 kg Rs 1000
    1.5 kgs Rs 1,500
    2 kgs Rs 2,000

    Note- The design of the cake is in the decision of the baker, However CUSTOMISATION can be done with few conditions. (please check the description)


    Kindly Contact (91) 63827-67713

    https://wa.me/message/JYCLUPGTFSYRB1 Before placing the order.

    Shelf Life – 2-3 days from date of delivery, when stored in proper condition.

    Storage conditions – Always store the cake in refrigerator, preferably 4 degree or below.

    Delivery – Pickup/Delivery Available

    FREE DELIVERY [ 5 kms radius]. Charges applicable beyond the set distance.