Air Cooled Aftercooler

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We are one of the most popular manufacturers of air-cooled aftercoolers in India. We offer air-cooled after-air coolers, made using advanced manufacturing methods. ESS AAR Equipment is a company that specializes in designing and fabricating aftercoolers that serve two important purposes when cooling compressed air. They are made of high-quality materials and are inspected by quality experts according to clearly defined technical specifications to ensure their integrity and meet customer requirements.

We design and manufacture air-cooled aftercoolers that increase the productivity and performance of various industries, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, factories, restaurants, and many more. Our products are widely used in both the commercial and industrial sectors. We look forward to providing you with a comprehensive selection of Air-cooled After Coolers for your specific needs.

Salient Features of Air Cooled Aftercooler

  • The Fins of the Air Cooled after
    Cooler can get clogged with dust.
    The Compressed air discharged
    by air compressor contains a
    considerable quantity of water in
    the form of vapour.
  • An efficiency Air cooled after cooler is an effective from inlet temperature at 2000 C and gives outlet temperature as 500 C.
  • IS Standards & ASME Standards
  • From 10 CFM to 5000 CFM
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