• Shrink Film

    Supplier: AV Packaging

    Our shrink film solutions are designed to make the products they protect stand out. From the performance they offer to the branding that’s projected with such impact on the shelf, these are truly high performance films. They’re all meeting the manufacturing demands of a range of products from various chemical applications to a host of industrial applications.

    Shrink Wrap and Shrink Film. We have two options of shrink wrap film depending on your application.

  • Shrink Films

    LDPE Poly Ethylene shrink film sheet is one of the strongest shrink film in today’s world. According to its high-strength and tear-resistance, it is being most used in a number of industries across the world. Though the film is a little hazy as compared to PVC shrink film, and it also shrinks at a little higher temperature as compared to PVC, but being environment-friendly and easily available, it is the first choice of packers.