• Car Interior Sterilizer

    We literally started to live with coronavirus. What generally people assume that the risk of contamination is very less inside car or in other vehicles. But the fact is different, the study reveals that vehicles, particularly four wheelers are highly vulnerable to infection. The interiors must be sanitized to ensure your car is free from pollutants.

    • Sterilize the Car Interior 99.9% by Killing Bacteria Virus & Moulds.
    •  Makes the Car interior Clean & Fresh Prevents the Development of Fungi & Algae Growth.
    • Eco Friendly Treatment No Chemicals or Reagents or Refills
    • No colour fading or any chemical reaction with car interiors & electrical gadgets.
    • Inbuilt with High efficiency air distributor for effective coverage of the entire cabin.
    • Equipped with Programmable Auto Timer Controller for Reliable & Robust Performance every time.
    • Suitable for wide Spectrum of Cars.
    • Stylish, Handy, Plug & Play with Extendable Power Chord.