• Disinfection Chamber

    Disinfection Chambers are sanitization enclosures that could destroy or inactivate 99.9% bacteria and viruses. The disinfection chamber has an enclosed chamber where the disinfection takes place to individuals and other day to day products. The chamber will have power supply, chemical chamber, air supply and a spray mechanism.


    • Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation Technology.
    • An 100% Eco- Friendly Process, no Chemical or Bleaching Liquor Spraying.
    • No Skin Rashes or Allegory or Eye Irritation to the Peoples .
    •  The formed Radicals ( Oxidizing Agents ) of Advanced Oxidation Process are Strong Disinfectants 3000- 5000 times faster & 50% – 90% stronger than Chlorine.
    • Kills almost all types of Bacteria’s & Viruses ( including SARS Family also ) upto 99.9% .
    • Inbuilt with Effective Air Circulation & Distribution System to cover the entire outer body surface area.
    • Complete Surface Sterilization less than 60 Seconds.
    • PLC Controlled and Fully Automatic Operation ( including Door Opening & Closing ) for Robust and Reliable performance with the optional Data Logging.
    • Available with Single and Double Sterilization Chambers.
  • Oxygen Concentrator

    Oxygen concentrator is a medical grade device which is used to deliver oxygen to patients having breathing troubles. It improves their breathing ability and also prevent a series of health related issues such as the respiratory problems, heart attacks, and so.


    • Works under most reliable and proven Pressure Swing Absorption ( PSA) techniclogy based Oxygen concentrators.
    • Purity of Oxygen is > 90 ± 3%
    • Available from 5 lpm to 50 lpm in a single machine or integration with multiples of 5lpm.
    • Continuous monitoring of the Oxygen output along with audio visual alarms for fault indications and diagnosis.