• Herbal Hair 0il -100 ML

    INGREDIENTS:Each 100ml contains : coconut oil 100ml , henna leaf 4gm , Brahmi leaf 4gmAloevera leaf 4gm, Betel leaf 4gm , Methi Seed Powder 1.25gm , Kalonji seed powder 1.25gmBhrungraj powder 1.25gm, Amla powder 1.25 gm ,Jaswand flower 2gm , Sarso oil 0.63 ml Kapoor oil 1 ml , Fragrance ( Almond)

    Hair oil has herbs that work to deeply condition hair follicles and may help in preventing hair fall and itchy scalp . Herbs used in Hair oil may have considerable effect in promoting shine to hair . Hair oil is made using coil press technique to prevent loss of nutrients from herbs

    Direction of use : Gently massage enough quantity hair oil onto the scalp ensuring that all  the scalp is covred . Leave it an for 30 minutes befoer washing with warm water . Hair oil may be left overnight for better results. Use hair oil atleast 3 times a week for best results , suitable for daily use .