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  • Air Treatment And Air Sterilization

    Ozone is one among the foremost powerful oxidative agents that occur naturally. With its extra-free oxygen molecules, Ozone is in a position to destroy bacteria, germs, viruses, and microbes which will cause surface or air contaminations. Furthermore, Ozone leaves no chemical residues. The blend of a fresh smell and therefore the ability to get rid of unpleasant odors effectively makes Ozone very appealing to several customers as an air-purifying and sanitizing agent.

  • Car Interior Sterlizer

    We literally started to live with coronavirus. What generally people assume that the risk of contamination is very less inside car or in other vehicles. But the fact is different, the study reveals that vehicles, particularly four wheelers are highly vulnerable to infection. The interiors must be sanitized to ensure your car is free from pollutants.

    • Sterilize the Car Interior 99.9% by Killing Bacteria Virus & Moulds.
    •  Makes the Car interior Clean & Fresh Prevents the Development of Fungi & Algae Growth.
    • Eco Friendly Treatment No Chemicals or Reagents or Refills
    • No colour fading or any chemical reaction with car interiors & electrical gadgets.
    • Inbuilt with High efficiency air distributor for effective coverage of the entire cabin.
    • Equipped with Programmable Auto Timer Controller for Reliable & Robust Performance every time.
    • Suitable for wide Spectrum of Cars.
    • Stylish, Handy, Plug & Play with Extendable Power Chord.
  • Disinfection Chamber

    Disinfection Chambers are sanitization enclosures that could destroy or inactivate 99.9% bacteria and viruses. The disinfection chamber has an enclosed chamber where the disinfection takes place to individuals and other day to day products. The chamber will have power supply, chemical chamber, air supply and a spray mechanism.

    • Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation Technology.
    • An 100% Eco- Friendly Process, no Chemical or Bleaching Liquor Spraying.
    • No Skin Rashes or Allegory or Eye Irritation to the Peoples .
    •  The formed Radicals ( Oxidizing Agents ) of Advanced Oxidation Process are Strong Disinfectants 3000- 5000 times faster & 50% – 90% stronger than Chlorine.
    • Kills almost all types of Bacteria’s & Viruses ( including SARS Family also ) upto 99.9% .
    • Inbuilt with Effective Air Circulation & Distribution System to cover the entire outer body surface area.
    • Complete Surface Sterilization less than 60 Seconds.
    • PLC Controlled and Fully Automatic Operation ( including Door Opening & Closing ) for Robust and Reliable performance with the optional Data Logging.
    • Available with Single and Double Sterilization Chambers.
  • Oxygen Concentrator

    Oxygen concentrator is a medical grade device which is used to deliver oxygen to patients having breathing troubles. It improves their breathing ability and also prevent a series of health related issues such as the respiratory problems, heart attacks, and so.

    • Works under most reliable and proven Pressure Swing Absorption ( PSA) techniclogy based Oxygen concentrators.
    • Purity of Oxygen is > 90 ± 3%
    • Available from 5 lpm to 50 lpm in a single machine or integration with multiples of 5lpm.
    • Continuous monitoring of the Oxygen output along with audio visual alarms for fault indications and diagnosis.
  • Ozone Generators

    The ozone generator is used to produce ozone gas. Ozone is highly effective to purify and disinfect rooms for odors and germs. It can be used for water purification as well.

    • Manufactured with German Technology and Engineered components ( Vital for Ozone Generation).
    • Ozone Generators capacities available from 0.5gm/hr to 5.00kg/hr.
    • Depends upon the requirement, Capacity of Ozone Generation & Concentration the following variants of Ozone Generators are available with desirable combinations to fit for the purpose.                  
      1. PLC or Microprocessor based controller for versatile Ozone Generation controlling.
      2. IGBT or Mosfet driven High Frequency generation.
      3. Cylindrical Glass (Silica) Tube ( from 16mm to 150mm Outer Diameter X 100mm to 1200mm Length ) or Ceramic Disc dielectric barrier Ozone Generation ( Corona Discharge ) Cells.
      4. Air or Water Cooled Ozone Cells for reliable outputs.
    • Models and Systems are available to fit for the application ranges from top grade Air sterilization to Industrial effluent Water Treatment ( including textile colour removal ).
    • Custom built Ozone Generators are also available to meet the requirement of any specific demands of top grade sterilization and hygienic conditions are required.
  • Packaged Drinking Water

    • Ozonisation is a mandatory process for Packaged Drinking Water products ( both in Bottles and 20L Cans ) as the prevailing ISI Norms.
    • Ozonisation kills the Microbiologial Loading & Contaminations ( including E- Coli) in the RO Permeate water and also increases the self-life of the product for longer storage and travel distances and also avoiding the spreading of the water borne diseases , and.
    • Optimum Dosage of the Ozone in the RO Water increases the most desirable “Sweetening “ taste in the product water.
  • Sewage & Industrial Effluent Water Treatment

    •  Ozone injection in Final Sewage Treated water kills the residual bacteria, virus, fungi & algae thereby converting the final treated water fit for Gardening, Washing & Toilet Flushing and paves the way for re-cycling of the large quantum of water resources.
    • Ozone injection in Final Effluent Treated water removes the Colour tint in the water and improves the COD & BOD requirements in the treated water, in addition with the Ozone kills the residual bacteria, virus, fungi & algae thereby converting the final treated water fit for re processing, Washing & Toilet Flushing and paves the way for re-cycling of the large quantum of water resources.
  • Swimming Pool Heat Pump

    Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are used to increase the temperature of the swimming pool water. It can be widely used in both the indoor and outdoor swimming pool projects. These systems have been designed to make your swimming more comfortable and convenient.

    • The heat pumps extract heat from the Atmospheric Air (even in sub-zero temperatures) through compression and transference technology to heat pool water, (the same way a reverse-cycle air conditioner works to regulate room temperature.).
    • The Pool-heating pumps are optimal heating solutions as they are extremely energy efficient (Min COP 4.0 ) without compromising heating performance.
    • Available in a wide range of models and sizes to suit most pools and budgets.
    • All season model, capable of heating. Efficient operating temperature range between -8 – +38°C.
  • Water Treatment And Water Sterilization

    Well, applying ozone to water has many benefits. Ozone acts as a chemical-free treatment for water. A Water Treatment System that purifies water is important for our daily lives. Ozone Water Treatment is that the best method of eradicating toxins that are present in water. Being a strong oxidant, Ozone inactivates organic and inorganic materials, biological contaminants, viruses, bacteria, and germs. Ozone comes with a good range of applications thanks to its powerful reactivity within the Water Treatment and Water Sterilization industry.