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Agriculture Polythene Sheet, Agriculture Plastic Bags, Agriculture Plastic film 

For sale at the best price: Agriculture Plastic Bags, Agriculture Plastic Covers, Nursery Bags, Agriculture Films, Grow Bags, Grow Bags for Terrace Gardens, Mulching Sheets, and UV Sheets.

  • Agricultural Films

    Sakthi Poly Products is an established leading producer of multilayer wide width agricultural films in India. The company has wide range of products that includes Mulching films (2,000 Ch), Nursery bags, Roof top gardening bags, U.V.Sheets, Green shade nets available in different thickness and width up to 3000 Ch for growing, packing, storing & displaying fresh fruits vegetables, in addition to horticulture and aquaculture applications.

  • Grow Bag and Nursery Bag

    Manufacturers and Suppliers of Grow Bag and Nursery Bag

    Sangamam Polymers is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting commendable range of Grow bags. Manufactured using high-grade basic material, this range is in conformance with the prevailing market trends.

    A variant of this Nursery Bag which we manufacture is Nursery bag. These Nursery Poly Bags are available in single and multi layered. It helps in sustaining moisture for a long time, thereby keeping plants healthy.
    Our range of Nursery Bags for plant are not only economical and convenient but also an ideal growing option for modern nurseries.

  • Grow Bags

    Supplier: AV Packaging

    We are Manufacturing and supplying UV-treated Plastic Grow Bags used for greenhouse farming, home planting, nurseries, modern planting, and natural creation. Grow Bag is bundled in high thickness and is made twofold layered. A great alternative to expensive pots, we offer vast varieties of Poly Grow Bags for the welfare of small plants instead of using expensive pots. Our Grow bags consist of a white exterior to reflect light and a black interior to prevent algae growth and have pre-made holes in the bottom for drainage.

    We are the manufacturers of Nursery Grow Bags, Rooftop Garden Bags, Terrace Garden Green Grow Bag, Coco Peat Grow Bags, Coir Pith Grow Bag, HDPE Grow Bags at the best price. We offer our Grow Bags wholesale in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, India.

  • Grow Bags

    Grow bags are used for growing plants, especially vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal, and other salad crops. The growing medium can be organic materials such as peat, coir, soil and composed green waste, mixture of these. We manufacture high quality grow bags in Coimbatore, and supply it to clients across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and South India at the best rates. Our grow bags are known for its advantages that it promote a healthy growth of plants keeping the moisture and property. The nursery bags we offer are ideal for growing agriculture products in the homes, farms, nurseries and more.

  • Grow Bags

    Coco Pith/Coir Peat Grow Bags are the well accepted mediums which are used in Green houses or at the sunny spots at your home terraces to grow plants, fruits and vegetables. This is a well proven methodology for cultivating vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage and flowers such as gerberas and roses and fruits like strawberry. The grow bags can be produced in 100% Hydro (Coco chips), 100% Peat or both mixed.

  • Mulching Films

    Mulching can be explained as the method of covering the soil surface in the region of the plants to create congenial conditions for the growth of crop.

    Plastic mulches keep ripening of fruits off the soil. This reduced contact with the soil decreases fruit rot as well as keeps the fruit and vegetables clean. This is beneficial for the production of strawberries, for example.

  • Mulching Sheets

    Supplier: AV Packaging

    Mulching Sheet is a protection cover over the soil, primarily to modify the effect of the local climate. The most powerful feature of plastic mulch is the impact it has on light. Light is responsible for creating both, heat and color. Plastic mulch can impact the development of heat increasing or decreasing it, depend on color.

  • Nursery & Grow Bags

    Sakthi Poly Products is a leader in the manufacturing of nursery plastic bags. We produce quality and durable nursery bags which is capable of withstanding high resistance caused at the time of transportation or any other calamities. These products are made from LDPE which is oxo-degradable and bio degradable. The Nursery bags manufactured here are of high requirement and demand, as the quality is maintained at the most. There are different sizes of nursery bags manufactured at Sarah Bio Plast and the products are manufactured strictly in adherence to loading capacity and the requirement. Small holes are there in the bags which are meant for inhaling and exhaling for the plants and also to expel the excess water.

  • Nursery Bags

    Supplier: AV Packaging

    We are known for promoting healthy growth of plants owing to their moisture and retaining the property. Plastic Nursery Bags, offered by us are used for agriculture and nursery products.

  • Nursery Bags

    Nursery bags are beneficial when it comes to planting and growing nearly any plant a lot easier. The primary manufacturer of polythene sheet rolls, Sri Kumaran Polypacks produces and supplies high grade polythene Nursery bags in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Our bags are known for its advantages that it promote a healthy growth of plants keeping the moisture and property. The nursery bags we offer are ideal for growing agriculture and nursery products in the farms and nurseries. Also, we supply these products to our customers across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and South India at the most competitive prices.

  • Roof Top Gardening Bags

    It has become the era of modern cultivation, and rooftop gardening stands to be the best and featured methodology among the world. There is no need of any cultivation land separately for plantation purposes; this method incorporates the latest and innovative way of growing plants on the roof of the building where we stay. There are many guidelines specified for rooftop cultivation but still it is easy to follow and maintain. As pots and other type of vessels are heavy, it can’t be used on the top of the terrace, but there is an alternative produced by Sakthi Poly Products in order to meet this need. These are rooftop farming bags, specially designed to convince the rooftop gardeners.